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Three Lions bitter ale (4.0% ABV) is a local seasonal “session” favorite from Fortnight Brewing located in Cary, NC. Fortnight specializes in American reproductions of traditional British pub ales, and was started by a small group of British ex-pats local to the NC triangle area. One of their more prominent brews, Three Lions is a “bitter” by name but not in taste. Unexpectedly, dark and rich but not too heavy, with a good balance of sweetness and hops. Perfectly enjoyable on its own but also goes great with a plate of spicy Indian food. Three Lions is a throwback to traditionally brewed ales that were labelled bitter in order to distinguish them from their sweeter counterparts. It has a lightly malty profile, with subtle hints of caramel. All of Fortnight’s ales are currently made with authentic imported English hops and yeast.

Three Lions Bitter Ale

Three Lions Bitter Ale


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