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Lightweight beer “mix” for outdoor excursions

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Anyone that's ever been backpacking or camping knows how important minimizing your carry weight can be, but also probably knows how delicious a cold beer is after a few miles in the backcountry. It's not a new idea...

Thanksgiving: Pairing Beers with Pure, Wonderful Gluttony

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There is an exhaustive list of recommendation over at Serious Eats. Everything from Belgian sours to nutty browns is on the table if you will (I crack me up), but the closest thing to a consensus seems to be the cu...

Walking Dead themed beer contains actual brains

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Tonight's the premier of the next-to-last episode this season, so this announcement is pretty well-timed. I suppose with it's enormous cultural impact that it was only a matter of time before someone made a Walking...

What is the real value of a beer award?

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Beer Graphs makes a comparison to the Oscars to put a finer point on it. American-Style India Pale Ale is without a doubt one of the most popular categories both for fans and brewers. In fact it’s the most represente...

Stout vs. Porter

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You may have heard some definitive distinction that seperates these two styles but whoever told you that was probably just passing along nonsense. Roasted barley. That’s the usual explanation of what separates porter...

Three Lions Bitter Ale Review

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Three Lions bitter ale (4.0% ABV) is a local seasonal “session” favorite from Fortnight Brewing located in Cary, NC. Fortnight specializes in American reproductions of traditional British pub ales, and was started by ...

Alchemist FAQ

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Check out this amusing and informative video from John Kimmich of Alchemist Brewing. It's a shame that Heady Topper isn't nationwide yet.  I've only managed to have one in my life so far!

Organic brewing cheaper, easier than you might think

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Here's the breakdown from this great post on Grist: Prices have gone down as demand for organic ingredients has gone up, and making organic beer is not as expensive as it once was. Ettinger remembers a time when orga...

‘Fucking Awesome’ beer label approved in the United States

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That's not commentary or colorful description.  That's the name of the beer.  But it won't be available everywhere, as you might expect. As Shelton Brothers recently noted, some states like Maine will reject labels t...

No bubble after all?

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Brewers Association has a great quantified, objective argument for why craft beer is not in or approaching bubble conditions.  The article addresses growth rate, average capacity of  new breweries, and all sorts of ot...