About (new)

Brewtastic was created in July of 2012 by Joe Tito, web developer by day; aspiring brewer by night. That’s me and my beautiful girlfriend Dana to your right. No, your other right. What inspired me to create Brewtastic was a serious lacking of quality craft beer news on the internet. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great local beer blogs out there that cover their local scene, but I wanted to create something bigger. A place where beer nerds like myself could see a snapshot of the craft beer industry as a whole, while still being able to follow their local scene and favorite breweries. With that in mind, I give you Brewtastic!

Everyone beer geek has a story about their first craft beer experience. An epic tale about that one beer that pushed them into the deep end of tasty brew. My life altering beer was at a little hole in the wall pizza place called Timothy’s in Lee, Massachusetts, after a grueling 15 hour drive from Chicago on our way to Boston. We had originally planned on just stopping in for pizza (order the #5, trust me!), but Dana talked me in to having a beer. All they had on tap were local beers from Berkshire Brewing Company. Not knowing much about beer at the time, I took a shot in the dark and ordered their Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale.